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Decorating your home with a modern look

The easily identified Bonsai Tree has been around for well over a thousand years. The term Bonsai in Japanese means “planted in a container”, and the plant is believed to bring good luck and harmony. 

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Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

Calm and prepared. These two words are the most important part of being aware during an emergency. Being prepared in the event of a natural disaster may be stressful, but it’s important to plan how you’ll respond. From earthquakes in California to hurricanes on the coast to tornadoes in the central plains of North America, natural disasters can create life-threatening situations.

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Fall Decorating Ideas

The holiday seasons are just around the corner. Decorating for the holidays can be stressful for a lot of people. We have thought of a few suggestions that can help make them a little less stressful.

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How to Display The American Flag

The U.S. flag stands for our nation and the shared history, pride, principles, and commitment of its people. When we properly display this powerful symbol, we signal our respect for everything it represents.

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